Cable Innovations 2023
Mike Aquino President /Dir of Business Development James Sarti V/P Engineering Julie Boyer Operations Manager
From it’s inception in 1989, Cable Innovations has earned it’s reputation as the CATV surge suppression experts. Cable Innovations has never wavered in its commitment to providing the toughest, most reliable surge suppressors ever made available to the CATV industry. Systems throughout the US and the world rely on Cable Innovations’ line of products to keep their system up and running, no matter what mother nature or the local power company puts on the cable line. Engineering Support Our engineering staff is committed to supporting our customer’s engineering and training staffs with design, application information, on site support and assistance in finding a solution to their surge or overvoltage related problem. Our engineers are available to answer questions from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon.-Fri. EST by calling 770-962-5146 or e- mailing at Additional technical notes, installation instructions and product specifications are available on this site. Products Using state-of-the-art equipment, each product is designed to meet or exceed the customers’ requirements. Our surge suppressors incorporate the latest protection devices and our patented designs. Each component of our products is selected for its precision and long term reliability
Michael Aquino President
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